Photoblog China 2010

From september 4 till september 24 I will be travelling in China with my wife and friends. As I won't have much time to write I'll put some photo's on this page whenever that is possile (e.g. have access to the internet)

The great firewall


Friday, september 17 2010


Using the internet in China is being confronted with the great Chinese firewall. The problem is that anytime you've found a workaround with proxies the next day these proxies will be blocked too. As I am on holidays in this country it takes me too much time to find new solutions everyday. Besides that you have to realize that at leats 50.000 chinese government officialsare monitoring all internet traffic in this country.

I guess at least some of them are smarter than I am and I don't want to spend the three weeks I have here playing games with them. Of course this would be different when I should live in this country ;-).

Today I can put this message on my blog but i don't know how it will be tomorrow. Come back to find out. 

When there are no new messages from me here you know that this blog has been blocked too. In that case wait till the first week of october when I will put my pictures here.

Bye, bye from the thrilling city of Shanghai !.